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So, What Are My Expertise?

Great question! Here's a look at my top 5 professional skills. These are the skills I consistently hear positive feedback about from bosses, coworkers and friends.

  1. ​Writing

  2. Editing

  3. Email Marketing

  4. Digital Content Creation

  5. Communication


Writing is a part of who I am. In every job I've had, writing has been an integral piece of my success at the company.  From ads and social posts, to emails and landing pages, I have written it all. If you need something written, I can do it.

Just ask my family and they'll tell you how I started writing short stories about horses as a kid and essentially never stopped writing. I majored in Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication with a minor in Creative Writing. And no, that's not the same as an English degree ;) It taught me to consider time, place, impact, audience and medium for how to communicate through writing.

Most likely to: Not use the oxford comma (my journalism background is still ruling my brain), write the family Happy New Year card for my mom, craft an email for my sister that she's sending to her boss, edit my friends' resumes, write a text for my roommate to send to the landlord.



It never fails, I somehow ALWAYS find my way into being the spellcheck and unofficial editor in work (and life). Luckily, I love editing and happily take on this role! There's something exhilarating about taking a piece of writing and helping improve it.


Good editors make corrections, but great editors ask the question: What is this copy supposed to do and how will it best do that? I consider myself part of the second camp. And my keen attention to detail is what gets my editing skills noticed.

I value getting a second set of eyes on my work (or three or four sets!). There is something to be said about getting an outside perspective and looking over a piece with a fresh set of eyes. We're all human and mistakes are inevitable. So, I'll take every chance I get to revise and improve my own work!

Most likely to: Edit my own iMessages if I mistype, catch that the email footer has the wrong copyright year, point out that the wording on page 1 doesn’t align with the phrasing on page 3, notice a typo on a PowerPoint that is being presented at the company meeting.


Email Marketing

I am an experienced email marketer. Writing emails, building them, curating the correct list, sending and then reporting on results--you name it, I've done it.

 I believe in A/B testing subject lines, CTAs, dynamic content and learning what resonates with an audience. I also firmly believe that understanding a company's data entry and how the data connects is part of being an email lead. I can only create great, personalized email campaigns if I know what information is available to use, where it comes from and how it gets into the email platform. Being ADA compliant, adhering to CASL/CAN SPAM laws and respecting subscribers’ preferences are essential.


Most likely to: Take note of the subject lines and CTAs that got me to act from my personal inbox, brainstorm several subject lines for every email I write, be the liaison between the Tech Team and Marketing Folks when it comes to email initiatives that require technical language/processes.


Digital Content Creation

My creative side LOVES coming up with new content ideas and bringing them to life. I’ll be the first one to volunteer to talk to a subject matter expert to learn more about a topic, problem or goal, and then I’ll craft an angle and bring the story to life. What I love about content creation is putting pieces together, like a puzzle, to create a great user experience.

My digital background means I will think about how to repurpose content across multiple platforms, and I’m conscious of SEO best practices.

Most likely to: Write the blog post faster than you anticipated, talk through new content ideas with my entrepreneur friends, make suggestions for repurposing great content in meetings, get inspired by great content when I pass something amazing on a social scroll.



Good communication is an essential interpersonal skill for anyone who works on a team. I have worked on many teams, and I’ve learned how to communicate with a variety of people.


I always joke that I’m a good communicator because I’m a middle child, but there is quite a bit of truth to that statement. I’ve learned how to be direct, clear and kind when communicating in a professional setting. It also helps that I am an extrovert!

Most likely to: Ask questions when I am confused, admit when I'm wrong or messed up, ask for feedback, contribute ideas and thoughts in meetings, check in with coworkers if they're having a bad day, overuse exclamation points in emails so everyone knows my tone is friendly.

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